Home inspections

  • Complete visual inspections for all phases in accordance with the Texas Real Estate Commission backed by:

  • 20+ years of new construction experience

  • Champions School of Real Estate Professional Inspectors education, State TREC License #22240

  • Inter Nachi membership

1 Year Warranty Inspections

  • For new homes, have your home inspected to outline all items that fall under the policies of your 1 year warranty from the builder

Thermal Imaging Inspections

A thermal imaging inspection allows you to better understand what is happening behind the walls and in areas that are not accessible

  • Moisture penetration

  • Heat and cooling loss

  • Missing or falling insulation in exterior and common hot walls

Termite Inspections

  • Termite Inspections will be performed by a licensed professional pests inspector

New Construction Consulting

Allow me to be your private builder with one on one construction consulting during your new build

  • Quality Walks as your private builder

  • Attend builder meetings for advisement and observation

  • Blue print and options review for advisement and recommendations

Phase Inspections

Phase Inspection is performed at three times during new home construction.

  • Phase 1 

This is the first inspection which is performed before the concrete is poured. The foundation inspection is one of the most important for the interior of the forms are inspected. Interior and exterior wall supports are inspected. the vapor barrier is inspected. Spacing of the cables is checked. Forms are inspected for being level.

  • Phase 2

This is the second inspection ehich is performed before the drywall is installed. The structure is inspected before the sheetrock is applied to the interior of the house. The spacing between the studs is checked. Sole plates for created lumber are inspected. The spacing of celling joists and rafters in the attic are checked. The framing of window and door openings is checked. Second floor decking is inspected. Electrical systems and wiring, plumbing pipes, fixtures, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are inspected.

  • Phase 3

This is the third and final inpection which is performed prior to the builder’s walk-through. The operation and instalation of all systems in the home are inspected in a complete home inspection.

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